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Job title:
Research Analyst
Gurgaon , India
Employment type:
Full Time
Posted on:
September 28, 2010 00:30
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This employment review has been posted anonymously by a Full Time employee of AbsolutData Research & Analytics. This Research Analyst review provides insight on how it feels like working in AbsolutData Research & Analytics as a Research Analyst.
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"Disgruntled in 6 months at AbsoluteData"
The best reasons to work for AbsolutData Research & Analytics are...
Locational advantage of Gurgaon now that the company… sign in to view full review.
If I were to have any say, I would like to change...
I would like to change work life balance and management… sign in to view full review.
My advice or suggestion to senior management is...
Ensure a healthy work-life balance. Inculcate more… sign in to view full review.
My advice to would-be employees is...
Good for freshers, not so good for lateral… sign in to view full review.

Is this review helpful? |
Work Opportunities: 2.0
Culture: 2.0
Salary and Benefits: 1.0
Hiring and Talent: 4.0
Leadership: 1.5
Business Outlook: 1.0
Communication: 1.0
Employee Morale: 1.0
Work-Life Balance: 1.0
Fairness and Respect: 1.5
Overall rating given by this employee for AbsolutData Research & Analytics, Gurgaon:
overall rating: 2.0
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