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Company Review on Nisum Technologies , Hyderabad

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Job title:
Software Engineer
Hyderabad , India
Employment type:
Full Time
Posted on:
November 18, 2011 22:52
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This employment review has been posted anonymously by a Full Time employee of Nisum Technologies. This Software Engineer review provides insight on how it feels like working in Nisum Technologies as a Software Engineer.
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"GOOD Company to gain experience"
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Work Opportunities: 4.0
Culture: 4.0
Salary and Benefits: 4.0
Hiring and Talent: 3.5
Leadership: 3.0
Business Outlook: 3.0
Communication: 3.0
Employee Morale: 3.0
Work-Life Balance: 3.0
Fairness and Respect: 3.5
Overall rating given by this employee for Nisum Technologies , Hyderabad:
overall rating: 3.0
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General Information
Privately Held
Information Technology and Services
Brea California United States
501-1000 employees
None given
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